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Stamper's Quest For Fags Stamper's Quest For Fags

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I wonder if Stamper really does smoke that much...

Sadly, I think he does...

I remember this game coming out on Pico Day 09, and having difficulty playing it when it first did. The game itself is a standard "collect this, avoid these" type of game. I was really impressed, but for some reason I had a hard time playing it. Coming back to it now, I think I just had a slow computer.

Anyway, it's a well done game. The animation is great, the music is fun to listen to and it has a humor only people from Newgrounds will understand. I really enjoyed it. As for your thoughts about a sequel...please make another.

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Kevin responds:

Maybe there will be a sequel in the form of a mini game in my PD game this year.

Necrorun Necrorun

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good concept...

This game has a lot of things that I enjoy in a game. Great graphics. The spritework in this was phenomenal. It was almost like this game was written for usage in a cartage in the 90s. I really enjoyed both the backdrop and the foreground graphics. Especially the birds and limping humans, who passed in front of you. This game also had a great concept. Death on his horse killing all that get in his way? Amazing. This game also had a Castlevania-esque sense about it with the music and the background, which I enjoyed. These things can't be argued with, and they are part of the reason I played this game so long.

The things I dislike about this are that the frustration level outplays the level of difficulty. This game really isn't that hard in the sense that you have settings to add more animals/obstacles to destroy, but it's frustrating in the fact that the control gets in your way. If there was more room to destroy objects, except for the short 30-45 degree angle you have, it would make for a much better game. Not only that, but I noticed that I could not hit the animals half the time, even though my sprite was very accurate in trying to hit them (maybe one or two pixels off), but the enemies would not even be near me and would end up killing my character. That's a bit unfair, which caused me to get even more frustrated, and ultimately give up on this game.

Overall, this game is good, and I would recommend it to anyone to try, but its a game that I won't try to play very often due to the things I said. If this was remade with the changes I stated, I think it could possibly be one of my favorite games on Newgrounds.

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Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like this game (as frusterating as it is), and it's a different game then most of the flash games on here. It's a bit difficult, but that adds to the fun, and it's a single screen game, which is oh so nice. I like being able to sit and see what I can do in the level, rather then being barraged with a bunch of shit randomly (though those games are fun too...).

As always, I muted the game after the 5th (estimate) loop of the track, but I do like the music. It fit the game perfectly, and didn't take your attention from the game, which I hate it when the music does that in games. The game is about the game, not the music.

Control was great, but It felt weird at first. The picking up/dropping system was a bit difficult (for me) to get used to. That doesn't make it bad or good, It just gives it a different feel. Another good thing about this game is that it was fun without completely maiming, destroying, or being violent (other then when you died). It's good to see games that can be fun without being violent, though violence is always good.

I like games that can make you think, and this one can. It's really frusterationg at times because of this, but damn, it's good.

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Madness Accelerant Madness Accelerant

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really like sidescrolling shooters. Especially ones that are reminicant of Contra, like this one. Sure it's flash and more cartoony, but it does remind me of contra a lot of the time. When I think about sidescrollers, I have to say that control is the essence of the game, and this game captures control. You can shoot in all directions, as well as have the simplistic movements of all the other madness games. I love the enemies too, thought they've been cut and pasted from the other madness games and videos.

Graphically, I wasn't astounded, but it was still better then most flash games these days. I was hoping it'd be really bloody, that the blood splatters would stay, that the whole game didn't look too cartoony, but I really did enjoy the graphics as they were. Even though my expectations weren't quite met, I still loved the graphics. They flowed smoothly throughout the entire game.

I loved the story of it. The clown boss was pretty damn badass. I also liked how he kept coming the entire time. The part where he just randomly comes in all beastly, and then goes "meow" was great. I thought "Hello Kitty meets demonic Clown?" I honestly like this boss more then any other in flash games, because he has so many levels, and he isn't impossible, so it makes a fun play. He also changes his movements, so he's kind of difficult to predict, while at the same time having a set pattern, so it's not too hard.

The scenery was great. I don't really have any gripes about it, other then every time you shoot, blood should be splattered upon it, kinda like in ThingThing.

Music was great, but like many other games, I ended up muting it and putting on my IPod. That's usually how it is, and I'm really not a music oriented person when it comes to games. I think games should be focused by the actual gameplay, graphics and control, not the music.

What I would add though, is like many others, a buy system, so you could purchase bullets. On Madness mode (still yet to beat), it gets annoying to lose your gun, and then have to beat the shit out of another person to get his gun, only to lose it again. This does add to the difficulty of the game, but at times it's a bit too annoying for me to like. This is really the only gripe I have, so it's not a big deal. I just think the game would work better if you had a buy system in it somehow.

In Conclusion, this game is great, and the replay value is high, control is great, and the scenery is astounding. I do like this game alot, and It's worked it's way into my heart, with classic shooters like Contra and Doom.

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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Adictive

Okay, this game can be so annoying when you're trying to hit stuff, like the last medal for me was the UFO one, which for some reason was hard for me. That doesn't make this game a bad one, in fact it just makes it better, especially when it can annoy you and bring you back to play for more then just medals. I find myself playing this game all the time, and I've gotten all the medals both in-game and Newgrounds medals.

The gameplay is pretty simple: point, click and hold, release and watch the turtle get messed up by all the obsticles. It's a pretty simplistic game, but it's funny as hell. I love the turtle's expressions, and I love getting spiked, which is a bit sadistic, but whatever, it still makes me laugh. My favorite "enemies" were the bananas that said "SHORY'UKEN!" and uppercutted you when you hit them.

The Weapon system in this game makes it unique. The fact that you could juggle your turtle, to keep it going is something I've not seen in this genre of game. It would be cool to add an upgrade system on the weapons, to make them more powerful and add parts to them. Still, it was superb to be able to avoid unwanted obsticles with the click of a button.

The music is something I liked, though I usually ended up muting it and putting on my iPod. I still like the music in this game, but loops often get boring when you play for hours on end.

Graphically, this game is great, adding a cartoony feel to really smooth transitions in frame rate, which was great. It sort've adds a mario type feel (not to mention that there is goombas in it too...) while keeping a cartoon basis. I liked the graphics alot.

All in all, I can see why this game is currently the top game on newgrounds. It's replay value is extremely high, the graphics are great, and it's all around fun, but challenging too.

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Gretel and Hansel Gretel and Hansel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

a solid game.

This genre of game is one I haven't seen a (good) game from for a while. I really enjoyed myself, finding all the stones, all the acorns...finding all the possible ways to end Gretel's life. I gotta say that the play on the mother being an evil bitch was great (and killing Gretel with the axe was priceless). I liked how there was 5 screens, with 2 sets of gameplay, one being a point/click finder game and a shooter, and the other being a running/avoid the obsticle shooter.

Sometimes it was a bit hard to find out what to do, like who would've guessed that there was an acorn directly behind the rock by the spider? Though a little cryptic, that doesn't make it bad, and in fact, it just makes you want to play more to end the frustration and get those coveted NG medals. Replay value is sketchy though, because for me, I won't play it when I get all the medals, but others might. I'm just not a huge fan of this genre, but this game did great at it, and who knows, maybe I will play it in the future

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Bloons Bloons

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good.

Ok, this game is fun, but at times it gets tedious. Alot of games like this do, but this one for some reason gets more tedious as it gets along in the game.

I do like the control, up to the boomerang, which I can't do shit with. It's unique at the fact that there isn't much to the game, and even the "power ups" don't add that much to the gameplay. The only difference is the bouncy walls, which I've not seen in a game like this. At times, it's hard to determine how far or what arc your dart is going to go in, but that just adds to the challenge, which I do like.

all in all, it's a great play, and you'll probably find yourself coming back to play it eventually.

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


There is a lot of stradegy in tower defense games, but they do seem to be over made these days, since gemcraft came out. I do like how this did change the scenery, and reprogrammed it, and provided an upgrade system. Not only that, but there were a variety of towers, traps and even a flying unit, which came in handy a lot of the time. I also liked how you called the waves, instead of just randomly coming at you, not giving you enough time to upgrade/purchase new towers.

The monkey thing was pretty cool, and I liked the balloon thing. All in all, the control is great, the replay value is high, and I liked it.

The Last Frontier The Last Frontier

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It's a bit annoying when you have to spend all your money building your defense back up, especially when the waves seem endless in the higher levels. I've never gotten higher then 400 valor points, and the only people who seem to be leveling up are my heavy gunner and my repair men. I didn't like the two tiers. What I mean by that is that the heavy gunners and the mortars cannot attack flying enemies, but the gunners and the machine guns could. The repair men were so slow, and though I got them to near level 8, it wasn't worth it. They didn't seem to be doing much. I also didn't like the auto target thing, like with the carrier bugs, my units just sat there and killed them, but let the others attack the walls. While this is logical, it is also stupid. Sometimes you would loose a lot of health killing the carriers. It should be that you can attack both the bugs and the carrier bugs. You should incorporate a target system next time.

I'd add an upgrade system, like more defense, better guns, better units, and hell, add more units. It'd be cool to see them evolve too, instead of looking at the same boring gameplay. Other things that'd be cool to see are mines, or a trap system, and maybe something like a close range system, like a chainsaw or swordsman or something, which could sit and attack the things that got really close.

Though not a bad game, it's most certainly not a good one either. It can get frusterating when you get attacked by all sides, and all the waves have like 9 carrier bugs.

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Egg Snatch Egg Snatch

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


though it does get boring after a while, and there are many other games out here like this, I do like it. This game is animated very well and also has levels. Not many catch games have levels, which I thought was kind of cool. It was also cool that it was sorta easter themed.

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ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for your review, the Mouse mode isn't very original I know, but this started as a Webcam game and the Mouse mode was added as an alternative.