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Funny stuff

I actually liked how the voice was done. It was very Doug Bradley-ish. The way that D. Mack voiced this without cracking up at "beacuase" (I laughed for a while at that) was phenominal.

Also, TheNekrokingProject, yes this is Mozart's "O' Fortuna"


Beautifully done. The lyrics were fantastic, and the style the song was in was great too. The animation could've been done better, but I'm glad that it wasn't spritework, because you get more of a feel for the song this way.

it was good

...and very random...but mostly good. I gotta say that its not my type of humor, but it did make me laugh (a lot). Good job. It was short, sweet (not really...but you catch my drift), and very funny.

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I wonder if Stamper really does smoke that much...

Sadly, I think he does...

I remember this game coming out on Pico Day 09, and having difficulty playing it when it first did. The game itself is a standard "collect this, avoid these" type of game. I was really impressed, but for some reason I had a hard time playing it. Coming back to it now, I think I just had a slow computer.

Anyway, it's a well done game. The animation is great, the music is fun to listen to and it has a humor only people from Newgrounds will understand. I really enjoyed it. As for your thoughts about a sequel...please make another.

Kevin responds:

Maybe there will be a sequel in the form of a mini game in my PD game this year.

Good concept...

This game has a lot of things that I enjoy in a game. Great graphics. The spritework in this was phenomenal. It was almost like this game was written for usage in a cartage in the 90s. I really enjoyed both the backdrop and the foreground graphics. Especially the birds and limping humans, who passed in front of you. This game also had a great concept. Death on his horse killing all that get in his way? Amazing. This game also had a Castlevania-esque sense about it with the music and the background, which I enjoyed. These things can't be argued with, and they are part of the reason I played this game so long.

The things I dislike about this are that the frustration level outplays the level of difficulty. This game really isn't that hard in the sense that you have settings to add more animals/obstacles to destroy, but it's frustrating in the fact that the control gets in your way. If there was more room to destroy objects, except for the short 30-45 degree angle you have, it would make for a much better game. Not only that, but I noticed that I could not hit the animals half the time, even though my sprite was very accurate in trying to hit them (maybe one or two pixels off), but the enemies would not even be near me and would end up killing my character. That's a bit unfair, which caused me to get even more frustrated, and ultimately give up on this game.

Overall, this game is good, and I would recommend it to anyone to try, but its a game that I won't try to play very often due to the things I said. If this was remade with the changes I stated, I think it could possibly be one of my favorite games on Newgrounds.


I like this game (as frusterating as it is), and it's a different game then most of the flash games on here. It's a bit difficult, but that adds to the fun, and it's a single screen game, which is oh so nice. I like being able to sit and see what I can do in the level, rather then being barraged with a bunch of shit randomly (though those games are fun too...).

As always, I muted the game after the 5th (estimate) loop of the track, but I do like the music. It fit the game perfectly, and didn't take your attention from the game, which I hate it when the music does that in games. The game is about the game, not the music.

Control was great, but It felt weird at first. The picking up/dropping system was a bit difficult (for me) to get used to. That doesn't make it bad or good, It just gives it a different feel. Another good thing about this game is that it was fun without completely maiming, destroying, or being violent (other then when you died). It's good to see games that can be fun without being violent, though violence is always good.

I like games that can make you think, and this one can. It's really frusterationg at times because of this, but damn, it's good.

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I hear derivatives from DJ Shadow and Yoda, as well as having backings that could be very similar to MF Doom. I like the experimental aspect to it, and I could listen to this any time.


It was funny, as well as having an upbeat rythem. I gotta say, that upbeat morbidity is always the best.

When it started, the chords you were doing sounded like the beginning to "Hit The Lights" and I was sorta questioning it, but it turned out to be good. Deffintly not your best work, but its still good.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeah haha well this was a Blink-182 inspired track. As far as it sounding like "Hit The Lights" this is a pretty common chord progression and I'm sure there are many other songs with the same one. Thanks for the props/review. Peace.


the vocal work was amazing, thats all I can say...the guitar and the rest didnt rlly suit my tastes, but goddamn...the vocals are epic beyond belief

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much. Glad you dig!!

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Not only would this make a great Thrash Metal album cover, but a great tattoo as well. I'm contimplating getting it done. I like the really dark atmosphere in the picture, and I like how you made the Nazi Slayer to be sort've russian-based on the gasmask and facial features, while mixing it with an airforce pilot's uniform.

dommi-fresh responds:

that would be kick ass if you did get it done.


It keeps the noir feel while still holding a dark feel. It's a good re-imagining of the newgrounds logo.


I like abstract art alot. I like all your artwork too, how it captures emotion. Not much is to be said about this one, other then I like it. I also like how it's very bright, and uses a lot of color. It's a mind trap for sure, and I find myself staring into it alot of the time.

Oh, and it's my desktop now.

MarshmallowGherkin responds:

haha, thank you.
I'm glad you like it. :D

I am a musician and a music reviewer, and have been doing the both for quite some time. I am starting an ambient project, under the name of Athanati Este, and I will be releasing an album called Chaos Theory, which is exploring experimental ambient.

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